It’s been a whirlwind year for TPG! We rebranded, reenergized and repositioned ourselves as one of the premier trade show and event marketing companies in the country. We launched our new website to rave reviews, expanded our client-base and our staff, and created exciting new programs and activations for our current clients. We expanded our staff and our horizons. We tweeted, retweeted, shared, followed, liked, blogged and immersed ourselves in the new and exciting technologies that enhance the attendee experience. We learned about big data, small data, no data and the new reality through virtual reality. We heard about wearables, smart tech and drones – oh my!

For all that changes each year, some things remain the same. Is it any surprise that in spite of new technologies and fandangled gadgets people still yearn for face-to-face interaction? In fact, the trade show industry continued to grow into the third quarter of 2015, marking the 21st straight quarter of growth according to CEIR, Center for Exhibition Industry Research. So cheers to 2015!

In that spirit here is a compilation of five of our favorite 2015 articles from our website that cover a variety of trade show topics. Enjoy!

#Engagement: 7 Social Media Strategies to Enhance Your Tradeshow Experience.

Our world is increasingly defined by social media. We connect, schedule and engage through technology, and posting, tweeting and messaging are a part of our daily lives. When hosting a trade show, social media can be a fun, powerful and cost-effective way to engage your target audience and turn attendees into promoters and potential clients. Want to engage effectively? Here are 7 strategies to maximize your trade show social media presence. READ MORE.

ONE BAD APPLE: Why Your Exhibit Staff Matters in a Face-to-Face World.

The personal qualities and behavior of your staff influence visitors more than any single factor. This is not an article about how to train your trade show staff, but rather who you should bring in the first place. READ MORE

A Bang for the Buck – 5 Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Budget.

When planning for a trade show, we all want the best of everything. The super-sized booth with space for all our products. Signage that makes you stand out from the crowd. Lights, interactive media, display screens and all the bells and whistles that announce to the world that your booth is the fairest of them all. READ MORE.

Connect and Excite – 5 Guideposts To Create an Immersive Trade Show Experience.

The challenge of every trade show is to rise above the noise of the crowd. Creating a booth and showing off your product isn’t enough anymore. Standing out from the crowd requires connecting with your audience at a personal level. The way to do this is by creating an immersive experience that appeals to your audience at the intellectual, physical, and emotional levels.  READ MORE.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: 5 Ways a Professional Presenter Brings Your Message to Life.

When I first got into the trade show business years ago, I would walk the show floor to get an idea of what exhibitors were doing. What worked and what didn’t? I passed by one booth where a staff member was delivering an in-booth presentation. Twenty minutes later, the guy was still talking! I kid you not. But, there was one difference from the first time I walked by. Half the audience was gone. This brings me to: 5 reasons you should hire a professional trade show presenter to deliver your message. READ MORE.

Thank you to our team, clients, new contacts, associates and friends for a wonderful 2015. Onward!

C.C. Carr, Lead Onsite Director