Sometimes it may be advantageous for companies to outsource the acquisition and management of exhibit properties. Companies may not have the staff or time to oversee this detailed task. Here is a short tale of how TPG provided just the right solution for our client RainSoft.

The Challenge

RainSoft’s Director of Marketing was looking to restart a discontinued exhibit rental program for dealers.  However, RainSoft did not have the in-house staff to do this. After viewing our website, RainSoft elicited the help of TPG to add new properties and graphics to their existing inventory and to facilitate the rental program.

The Solution

Because of the volume of graphics business we give to our graphics vendor, we were able to pass on substantial savings to RainSoft, so much so, they had enough left in their budget to purchase five (5) 10’ x 8’ Nimlok backwall booths, items they were previously unable offer to their dealers.

The Benefits

No headaches for RainSoft! The rental program is turnkey. When a dealer places an order through RainSoft’s web portal, TPG receives it and consults with the dealer on logistics and marketing strategies for their event. Often times, dealers are unfamiliar with trade shows/special events, and we ensure that the correct property is rented for the space they have in the show (height restrictions), electrical is ordered if the property requires it, and any other advice is given to make certain that their event is a success.

TPG then coordinates all of the logistics with the warehouse including setting up the booth before shipping it out to make sure it’s in perfect working order. TPG tracks every shipment and makes sure that each dealer is able to set up their properties without a hitch.

Exhibit Success

The program went live in August of 2014, and has been extremely successful. It is this turnkey approach that makes TPG a perfect fit for RainSoft and we can do the same for you!