As the year winds down, our busy November trade show schedule is winding up! TPG is fortunate and grateful to be assisting clients in expanding their brand messaging and exhibit reach at several trade shows throughout November.

1. American Towman Expo. It may be cool in Baltimore, but we’ll be heating things up for two of our automotive clients, Ford Commercial Vehicles and Miller Industries. For Ford it’s all hands-on deck! We’ll be providing Exhibit Service Logistics, Setup/Teardown, Brand Ambassadors, Product Specialists, Presenters, Directors and Writers – the full package. All the Ford staff has to do is show up! Miller will be utilizing our Brand Ambassador Program, to greet visitors, introduce them to the appropriate Miller representative and qualify leads.

TPG and Ford at American Towman 20107

TPG and Ford at American Towman 2017

TPG BAs represent Miller Ind. at American Towman 2017.

TPG Brand Ambassadors represent Miller Ind. at American Towman 2017.


2. Fabtech is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. Atlanta can get chilly in November, but not in our client’s booth. One of the biggest names in insurance reached out to TPG to support its goal of increasing awareness about the risks that manufacturing businesses face today. Our Brand Ambassadors will facilitate this goal by conducting a short survey to understand risks that keep its customers and prospects up at night. They are seeking our assistance not only in their booth, but in their VIP Lounge as well, overseeing a Spin the Wheel game and handing out prizes.


3. Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The professionals dedicated to sustainable building practices need to move their products. That’s where Ford Commercial Vehicles comes in. And once again, our entire Creative Team and Exhibit Services personnel will be on hand to assist the Ford representatives in telling that story. Whether there’s snow on the ground in Chicago or not!

TPG and Ford at Greenbuild 2017

TPG and Ford at Greenbuild 2017.

4. Mopar. The 2018 Mopar California, Denver and West Service and Parts Business Conference is combining three regions of auto dealerships to create one super event in not-so-cold Las Vegas. Enter our client UnityWorks who tasked us to provide Exhibit Services Logistics. Mission accomplished.

5. RSNA. The Radiology Society of North American will be held in oh-so-cold Chicago. But we’ll be happy to keep our four medical imaging clients’ booth visitors top-of-mind and on the burner during this important event. These clients will benefit from our Brand Ambassadors and their stories will be told by our Professional Presenters. For one of the most well-known among them, our Media Production team will create a one-minute branding video to run on a chevron-inspired LED video wall, guaranteed to wow visitors with their current theme “From Partnership to Progress”. Lastly, Barco has reached out to us to create five interactive, walk-through customer experiences so that booth visitors can fully appreciate “About Barco” and their expertise in providing high-end medical display systems for Radiology, Mammography, and solutions for Compliance and Analytics and Remote Reading.

TPG Presenter speaks to large crowds at RSNA 2017.

TPG Presenter speaks to large crowds at RSNA 2017.


Yes, the year is winding down, but at TPG there is no rest for the weary as our creative team and event staff continue to impact our clients’ trade show programs in new and unique ways. In true collaboration with our valued clients, we pride ourselves in being an industry leader in engaging trade show attendees and telling our clients’ solution stories. And we’ve being doing that for more than two decades. During the cold months of fall and winter, and despite a digital world, I guess you could say we combine the latest in event technology with a warm human touch. We’d call that the best of both worlds.

Lead On-Site Director

Thank you to TPG’s Kim Mallery, Organizational Strategist and Project Manager, for her contributions to this article.