“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Many of us are striving to pursue practices and knowledge that can lead to more responsible decisions and lifestyles in the hope we can help protect the environment for current and future generations.  While we may change behaviors at home, such as not letting the water run when we brush our teeth, or recycling our plastic bottles, we can equally make a difference in the workplace.  And our workplace is on the trade show floor.

Keeping sustainability in mind, if you are in the market for a fresh new look for your booth, but are not ready to jump into a new design build, there are some creative ideas that can help. A few suggestions are to swap out the graphics, rent different furnishings and change up your carpet color for a quick “facelift”.

If now is the time for next best thing, keep in mind you can purchase smart by buying durable exhibit properties you can use for years.  Just because you rent different sizes of space at different shows, does not mean you need unique exhibits for each one.  Here are some examples of incorporating the same properties into three different booth sizes with some simple swaps, creating sustainable exhibits without breaking the bank.

20 x 20

In this example, we have included corporate branding on the hanging sign, a live demonstration area with video wall, a small seating area and a front reception desk in a carpeted island booth.

Sustainable exhibiting in a 20 x 20 booth.

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20 x 30

In this island configuration, we added a lightweight back wall structure with branding and five more seats for the live presentation.  You can keep the hanging sign or remove it from this option, as shown in the photo.

Sustainable exhibiting in a 20 x 30 booth.

30 x 30

With a 30 x 30 island, you have plenty of room to add a second video wall and lounge.  Also added is a semi-private seating area complete with an overhead structure for a dramatic, eye-catching look in your booth.  In all of these examples, the furniture is rented so when you are not using it, other exhibitors have the opportunity.

Sustainable exhibiting in a 30 x 30 booth.

Trade shows are becoming less wasteful and more earth-friendly. So, whether your exhibits need a trade-in or just a simple face-lift, implement sustainable practices in your overall plan. You’ll save money and engage in more environmentally responsible solutions.

Sustainability’s goal is to create possibilities, not to limit options.

Mary Kemmer, CTSM, TPG Operations Manager