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F2F Trade Show Experience: Delivering Brand Engagement and Driving Results

Make Your Booth a Must-See Stop for Attendees

Educate, Entertain, Engage, and Excite Visitors

Standing out from the crowd doesn’t mean being the flashiest or most expensive. It means dreaming up and building never-seen-before experiences to generate buzz and create authentic connections with audiences—all while delivering measurable outcomes.

That’s what TPG does. We’re here to make people stop and listen to your message (and look and touch and buy too).

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How do we make your booth stand out from a sea of competitors?

  • Fuse proven marketing strategies to excite, engage, and convert attendees to customers
  • Align technology and creativity to spark interest
  • Craft a succinct story to capture attendees’ attention
  • Design a strategy to capture and collect important contact and qualifying information

Your Booth—A Unique Brand Experience

There are endless possibilities for your trade show strategy. Balancing emotion with data, we’ll develop a tailored booth experience for your budget, audience and brand that creates long-lasting impressions and amplifies your message.

Experiential Activities

With nearly three decades of experience, TPG offers the vision, know-how and experience needed to bring your brand to life on the trade show floor.

Our experiential marketing strategies are built to scale, no matter where you want to deploy.

Explore Experiential Activities

Activation & Engagement - Experiential Activities
Activation & Engagement - In-Booth Business Theater Presentations

In-Booth Business Theater Presentations

With regular showtimes, attention-grabbing graphics, and the ability to consistently tell your story and connect with large groups of people over and over throughout the show, an In-Booth Business Theater Presentation generates excitement and community.

It’s showtime.

Show, Not Tell

Product Demonstrations

Experience is believing – and believing is forever.

When attendees get hands-on with your products and solutions, the demonstration needs to go right, every single time. We’ll craft a product demonstration to highlight your unique differentiator—and make it clear why your solution is the answer to their challenges.

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Activation & Engagement - Product Demonstrations

“With TPG as our partner, we are able to pull off flawless automotive events, both large and small.  Their efficient team brings a great deal of expertise, creativity and organization to our shows. When last minute issues come up (and they always do), the team makes immediate pivots that cause us little, to no, stress. Due to TPG’s proactive and seamless oversight, we are always set up for success.”

Craig Jennings

President, Autodata Solutions, Inc.

Activation & Engagement - Video + Media Production

Video + Media Production

Visuals are a central part of every booth experience, identity, and message.

To support our clients’ unique story, we embrace and play with a variety of bold, eye-catching, and on-brand digital visuals, videos, interactive media and more.

Get Inspired

Content Development

Everything about your experience, including all spoken material, digital campaigns, and physical collateral has to be in perfect alignment with your message.

Our content development services drive awareness and attendance through clever script storylines, succinct talking points, and other content that supports the booth experience.

Content Ought to be Compelling

Activation & Engagement - Content Development
Activation & Engagement - Staffing


Need high-quality, staff members to expertly represent your brand? We have you covered.

Through strategic staffing and the design of in-depth training programs, you’ll find our teams of professional brand ambassadors and trade show staffers genuinely represent your brand and provide vital support for activating the booth experience.

We’ve Got You Covered


It takes a defined training plan to make sure every aspect of your trade show program is ready when the show floor opens.

TPG has trained thousands — and we’ll develop a custom training program to make sure everyone understands the program goals, objectives and their role in the overall success.

Get to Training Day

Activation & Engagement - Training
Activation & Engagement - Webinar Production

Webinar Production

When it’s time to engage audiences digitally, getting — and keeping — attention is a tough task.

We provide full service planning, design, content creation and production to deliver a webinar experience that keeps attendees tuned in and on task.

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The Right Tech For Your Experience

At TPG, we believe technology works alongside creativity to boost your brand.

We pride ourselves on finding new and exciting technology applications to connect brands with their target audience — from VR, AR, Mixed Reality, kinetic lighting, and other bold technology applications.

The Booth Is Just The Beginning

Reach out to people. Get more business. Quantify your success.

Learn how to measure and improve your objectives with lead generation management and reporting/analytics.

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Activation & Engagement - The Booth Is Just The Beginning

Create a True Return on Objective For Your Trade Show

You deserve to be remembered. Let’s create a booth experience that’s memorable and drives action. See what we can do together.

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