Integrated Marketing Strategy

The TPG Event Marketing Process

Envisioning and Delivering Success

Strategy + Creative: The Foundation of Everything We Do

“What can I do to raise the bar on my trade show marketing program?”

“How can I get more people to stop at my booth?”

“What can I do to make my virtual event content more compelling?”

The TPG strategy team answers tough questions like these through goal-setting, audience insights, creative campaign concepting and measurement to achieve business objectives.

To deliver measurable outcomes, our team is a deliberately eclectic mix of strategists, marketers, storytellers, multimedia producers, and project managers.

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Our Team:

  • Creates a memorable, results-driven experience
  • Offers insights and best practices to maximize success
  • Provides all the support for a frictionless planning and production process
  • Stays on-budget

Success begins on the drawing board, and continues long after the last guest leaves or logs off. It’s a strategic planning process built around delivering on your objectives.

A Process for the Unplannable

Experts in Virtual and Hybrid Events for When The World Changes

You don’t know if your next event is going to be F2F or suddenly virtual. That’s ok. We’ll make sure that you are prepared for anything that happens.

Our process provides certainty no matter what is going on outside the booth.

Define Your Objectives

It can be hard to define success.

But it doesn’t have to be. Our team works with you to define — or refine — your objectives, and define the path to get there.

Our Process - Define Your Objectives
Our Process - Understand Your Scope and Situation

Understand Your Scope and Situation

Every event has unique challenges, and every organization has its own way to overcome them.

We make sure to dive deep into all components, including:

  • Brand personality
  • Event type (F2F, Virtual Hybrid)
  • Physical and virtual venue considerations, including hosting site capabilities

Analyze Your Audience To Create Connections

In brand experience marketing, the first wisdom is “know your audience.”
Understanding their goals is how we make sure that you meet yours.

This includes:

  • Audience demographics
  • Awareness of your project/brand
  • Perceptions to use or to change
  • Micro and macro-economic considerations that influence user behavior



Our Process - Analyze Your Audience To Create Connections
Our Process - Create Your Approach

Create Your Approach

How do we capture your brand, your message, and your product? What are the considerations that go into creating something great?

  • Are you looking to educate, entertain, or both?
  • How will you interact with your audience?
  • What content will sell your story?
  • What kind of technology do we need to make it happen?

Our years of real-time experience in integrated event programs and trade show management create programs with flawless execution and significant cost savings for our customers.

Set Up Metrics to Measure Success

Maybe you want more qualified leads. Maybe you want to increase dwell time. Maybe you want to generate social media buzz.

Whatever it is you want to do, we’ll figure out a way to measure it. Understanding your true ROI is how you can continue to grow every year, and expand your message.

Metrics aren’t just about ROI. They are an investment in your future. We’ll make sure you meet them.

Our Process - Set Up Metrics to Measure Success

Driving Ford Commercial Vehicles

TPG has handled the Ford Commercial Vehicles trade show program for 25 years. From recommending and selecting shows to complete event management and execution of major product launches, we handle every aspect of the trade show program.

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Our Process - Aligning Technology and Creativity

Aligning Technology and Creativity

What do you need to make your experience successful? What will your virtual breakout room need? Will your physical booth use a virtual reality feature? Or do you need interactive activities to keep virtual visitors engaged?

Our team works seamlessly with other tech platforms and suppliers to produce visually compelling displays and interactive engagement programs.

Whether you’re doing a traditional show or navigating new technology, we know how to make it work. We’ll plan it, source it, and get it there. 

Immersed in Tech. Masters of Surprise and Delight.

Digital media and technology are more than just bells and whistles.

Our vast experience with new technologies and multimedia enables us to help you hone in on the right approach to attract and engage your target audience.

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We’ve set up successful shows for Fortune 500 companies from many industries. Fueled by creativity and driven by data and technology, we can do the same for you.

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