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Ford Commercial Vehicles Brings Home 300% ROI Per Event

25 Years of Driving Trade Show Success and ROI

From recommending and selecting shows to total event management and execution of major product launches, TPG has handled every aspect of the Ford Commercial Vehicles trade show program for over 25 years – delivering the highest lead conversion rate across all of Ford Motor Company’s events.

Turnkey trade show and event program management services include:

  • Creative theme and messaging development
  • Exhibit marketing program creation and execution – including theatrical performances, interactive engagement programs, game shows, contests, and digital interactives
  • Planning and production for hundreds of seminars, webinars, dealership training workshops, product launches, anniversary celebrations, customer appreciation events, receptions, and themed parties and galas
  • Trained expert brand teams who serve as an extension of the Ford brand team, and engage and qualify leads
  • End-to-end lead capture, management, and conversion tracking show-to-show and YOY
  • Working seamlessly with Ford’s vendor and agency team roster to ensure flawless production

The Strategy

  • Ford’s driving focus has been to identify hot leads accurately and efficiently for local dealer follow-up. TPG developed a trade show lead collection, qualification, and conversion measurement process to accelerate Ford’s return on investment.

The Actions

  • In close collaboration with the sales and marketing teams, TPG determined and created a lead qualifying survey to capture important information for dealers to close sales
  • As leads are captured at events and shows, TPG’s proprietary lead management tool assigns and immediately pushes out leads to the appropriate dealer personnel – ensuring hot leads are followed up on quickly
  • Dealers receive new lead notifications and reminders to pick up the contacts within their portal
  • Post-lead distribution, sales matches are performed to each record noting who bought, which vehicles were sold, and how many units were sold – creating ongoing trackable sales conversion and ROI metrics

The Results

  • Over the entire program of 25 shows, 20% of leads had an actionable request for a Ford representative to contact them to purchase or lease a new vehicle
  • Each show has yielded a minimum of 300% ROI, and as high as 900% — which is used to evaluate current and future show participation
  • Ford has reported the Commercial Vehicle Trade Show Program as having the best sales conversion metrics over every other program company-wide where leads are collected


total program ROI



increase in total leads

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