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Experiential Activities for Lead Generation

Elevate Your Experience

Make It Memorable

A message becomes memorable when it is actively experienced – evoking an emotion, providing a moment of clarity, inspiring action.

Whether incorporating physical elements into a virtual experience or using the latest tech tools to create a highly impactful experience for IRL attendees, we scale across a variety of budgets to create captivating experiences no matter where audiences happen to be.

TPG has created experiential marketing strategies for more than 25 years. Emerging technology activations, digital interactives, cause-based activities, physical games, and mobile marketing tours are just a few of the ways we blend the tactical and the magical to make brand messages more memorable and inspire audiences to act.

Experiential Activities - Make It Memorable
Experiential Activities - Embrace a New Reality: AR, VR, and MR

Embrace a New Reality: AR, VR, and MR

Create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees without taking up expensive real estate or paying for shipping and drayage of large equipment.

Bring products and services to life using augmented, mixed, or virtual reality solutions – and provide a new way for attendees to experience your brand.

Need help demonstrating the inner workings of a machine? Or showing attendees how your solution helps your customers in their work environment? From AR activities to custom VR experiences, TPG can do it all – and we continue to pilot new technology applications to immerse attendees in your products, brand, and story.

Make it Digital: Interactives

Looking to create excitement and fun? Interactive games and digital experiences add energy, keep audiences engaged, and amplify learning for any event – live or virtual.

TPG creates captivating interactives, digital engagements, web interfaces, and more to develop bold brand experiences.

We start with strategy, design with care, and then deliver with flawless production that only comes from years of experience. Then we use custom lead forms and surveys with qualifying questions to capture and qualify participants.

We add in incentives and social media support to foster competition and sharing. And finally, we provide real-time reporting and analytics – including visible leaderboards or online dashboards to show how participation is stacking up.

Experiential Activities - Make it Digital: Interactives

Give a Little: Experiential Activations with a Purpose

Give attendees a reason to give back.

Many brands have causes near and dear to their hearts. Pairing an experiential activity with a charitable donation for participation leaves attendees with a warm feeling about your brand and their contribution to the cause.

And when incentives and giveaways are prohibited by company policy, or by industry regulations, such as healthcare and pharma, a charitable donation-based activity boosts engagement.

We design cause-marketing based activities to inspire attendees to interact, generate beneficial brand impressions, and give back by doing a little good.

Experiential Activities - Let’s Get Physical: Hands-On Demos and Games

Let’s Get Physical: Hands-On Demos and Games

What better way to show your value proposition than with a hands-on demo? Allow attendees to touch and feel your product, or use a hands-on activity to compare it with the competition – providing them the truest understanding of what makes your solution unique.

With physical games, stretch your spend while making a big impact on attendees. Attendees line up to participate in these high-intensity, crowd-pleasers. TPG has developed new games as well as spins on old classics that keep attendees fired up while learning about your brand.

You don’t need a big budget to make a big splash. Bring energy and creativity to your booth with a physical, hands-on demo experience or game attendees are sure to remember.

Take It on the Road: Mobile Tours

The best way to increase accessibility to your products and services is to showcase them where prospects and customers are most receptive – on their own turf. Put your experience on wheels and transport attendees to an elevated experience they won’t forget.

Mobile tours use a mix of both traditional and digital strategies for ultimate engagement. And they allow attendees to get a taste of your company culture too.

At TPG, we craft mobile tour experiences and integrate with your existing marketing strategies to create lasting bonds and foster conversions by bringing your brand to your audience.

Experiential Activities - Take It on the Road: Mobile Tours

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Using everything we’ve learned over the last 25 years, TPG carefully creates on-brand experiential marketing activities and programs to build brand loyalty, increase awareness, and drive sales.

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