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Put the Show in Trade Show

Your employees may be stellar sales professionals, but trade shows and events are a different beast.

Trade shows demand the moxie from staff to repeatedly invite visitors to watch presentations, attend demos, and scan badges to capture and qualify leads – which are often met with repeated objections. In-person events require approaching strangers and talking to new prospects, not just existing customers while digital events require a confident and commanding presence to keep attendees’ attention.

Our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable professional staff undergo extensive training and have the personal skills and attributes to be energetic brand representatives in any face-to-face or virtual event environment.

And the best part? Our pros take the stress off your staff and free them up to do what they do best – talk business and make sales!

Staffing - Put the Show in Trade Show
Staffing - Topnotch Talent

Topnotch Talent

TPG’s trained and knowledgeable staff are often the company face at events, creating a great first impression by embodying your corporate culture, demeanor, and spirit.

“I can’t say enough about the TPG team that is here at World of Concrete representing Ford. Their integrity, their energy, they’re fun and easy to approach making everyone feel warm and welcomed. There isn’t an empty seat in the house. You couldn’t find a better company to represent your company, and do it this well!”

Beth Borelli

Curry Supply

Virtual Event Staff

Virtual audiences want to experience the same excitement and level of customer service as they would if attending an in-person event.

Set your virtual event up for success by having the right staff in place behind the scenes and on camera.

Staffing - Virtual Event Staff

TPG provides you with top-notch staff for your virtual event, including:

  • Dynamic on-camera emcees who create a great first impression, greet the viewing audience, set the tone for the virtual event experience and provide the glue that holds the whole experience together
  • Captivating webinar hosts who introduce speakers and panels, seamlessly transition between sessions, and provide a cohesive throughline to the session
  • Virtual product specialists working behind the scenes to answer questions
  • Chat room or Q&A moderators who ensure a welcoming, warm, and positive atmosphere, and lead the way for attendee participation
  • Virtual support staff who can jump in on a dime and provide support wherever needed
  • Virtual attendants who facilitate quizzes, polls, and prize giveaways

The Right People To Help You Succeed

Brand Ambassadors

What they do:

  • Attract, greet, and invite attendees into your booth or at your event
  • Possess a friendly, savvy communication style and enough product knowledge to talk intelligently about your company and offerings
  • Learn who’s who and connect visitors to the appropriate company staff
  • Guide prospects to next steps, and discuss what they can expect to learn
  • Direct visitors to the correct product depending on their interests
  • Scan badges, gather lead information, and qualify prospects

Brand / Product Specialists

Sometimes known as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), these event superheroes possess in-depth product knowledge that makes them indistinguishable from a high-level company employee.

What they do:

  • Staff a product area or conduct a virtual demo, engage in deep conversations with prospects, qualify leads and pass that information to the appropriate sales staff
  • Conduct booth tours and discuss the entire product line
  • Develop and deliver expert presentations in a breakout session or educational seminar
  • Facilitate sales

Crowd gatherers

If you’re hosting an in-booth presentation, how do you get visitors in the seats? The aptly called Crowd Gatherer does just that – and isn’t shy about getting people out of the aisle and into the theater area.

What they do:

  • Invite people to watch the presentation and escort them to seats
  • Explain to visitors the presentation subject matter and a brief description of what is covered
  • Distribute any appropriate literature to audience members
  • Assist in giveaway distribution after the presentation
  • Scan audience badges
  • Straighten the theater and prep it for the next show


Our topnotch professional presenters are experienced and comfortable talking to groups. These enthusiastic speakers specialize in articulating and delivering your brand message to the masses.

What they do:

  • Work with your marketing staff to craft a message to be effective to your target audience
  • Learn your script and deliver it without notes
  • Pique the interest of your audience and encourage prospects to remain for in-depth follow-up with your staff
Staffing - Presenters

On-Call Online Trainers and Session Moderators

TPG’s knowledgeable, personable, and energetic session trainers serve as content creators and SMEs for an ongoing series of virtual “how-to” webinars – and our seasoned team can do the same for your webinars too!

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Give audiences the razzle-dazzle by adding Infotainers to your next exhibit or virtual event!

  • Game show hosts
  • Magicians
  • Musicians
  • Celebrity impersonators
  • Flair bartenders
  • Jugglers
  • Caricaturists

What they do:

  • Weave brand messaging into their acts
  • Instantly engage attendees with their unique skills and talent

The Right Staff to Add Excitement and Engagement to Any Event

Whether virtual or live, on-site or behind-the-scenes, we have the producers, scriptwriters, booth directors and other experiential marketing staff to create meaningful connections with your audience.

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