Integrated Marketing Strategy

Planning for Live, Virtual and Hybrid Trade Shows

Elevating Live, Virtual and Hybrid Experiences

Events Are Changing + We’re Here to Help

With more than 25 years’ experience producing brand experiences, our clients turn to us when times get tough. Times like now.

Need to reimagine a live event? Create a new virtual experience from scratch? Maximize reach to IRL and remote audiences?

As a strategic event and virtual event marketing agency, TPG seamlessly combines live, in-person elements with virtual, online components to develop an experience that’s right for you. And right for these times.

Planning - Events Are Changing + We're Here to Help

“This was one of the best webinars I have seen so far!”

Ford Online Selling Webinar Attendee

Creative, Critical-Thinking Problem Solvers

No matter whether virtual or physical, our strategy and creative teams get the ideas flowing to elevate your brand experience.

We’ll work with you to evolve the ideas and bottom out with the best approach to inspire and educate audiences, communicate your messaging, create a lasting impression, and deliver measurable results.

Our in-house strategists:

  • Make recommendations with your goals and budget in mind
  • Develop and document a program strategy
  • Back creative ideas with data
  • Deliver post-program measurement and analysis


Planning - Dedicated Project Management + Production

Dedicated Project Management + Production

Can-do attitudes. Compulsively obsessive – in a good way.

Great ideas mean nothing if they can’t be brought to life. From intimate experiences to those grand in scale, our experienced project managers and producers turn ideas into action.

Their behind-the-scenes magic and proactive management mojo ensure the schedules, paperwork, and communications seamlessly come together on-time and on budget – giving you peace of mind.

Non-Stop Double-Checking

Playful perfectionists. Fun-loving overachievers.

Throughout the entire process of planning, creating, delivering, and measuring your program, our focus is on deploying a flawless execution.

We’ll think through all the details to come up with a plan B – and C, D and E at the ready too – so you can sleep better at night knowing every detail is covered.

Planning - Non-Stop Double-Checking
Planning - Always Accountable

Always Accountable

At TPG, we stand by what we deliver.

We measure at every step to track progress – and give you the data needed to justify your investment and prepare for the next experience.

We’ll Help You Get It Done.

Got a lot of questions on how to get started planning? No matter the format, our team can help design the right brand experience to achieve your business goals.

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