Trade Show In-Booth Theater Presentations

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Presentations that Excite

On a crowded trade show floor, it isn’t easy to get attendees to step from the aisle into your booth.

An in-booth theater presentation is a time-tested, successful strategy that acts as a magnet for attendees’ attention and creates buzz on the show floor.

From small, intimate theater experiences, to in-booth ice rinks and basketball courts, to full-scale musical productions with large video walls, TPG has done it all!

We have a proven recipe for success to bring your brand and solutions to life – proven to engage, proven to educate and create awareness, proven to increase dwell times, and proven to deliver results.

In Booth Theater Presentations - Presentations that Excite

Defining the Surround Strategy

We’ve all seen the in-booth booth presentation with a brave company representative talking to a row of empty chairs. A presentation stage alone doesn’t attract audiences or deliver results.

TPG maximizes your in-booth presentation success by surrounding it with strategic support – from creative theming and pull-through strategies to professional on-site activation staff and lead capture, management, and measurement.

We also weave in other experiential strategies
and tools to leave audiences asking for more:

  • Digital interactive experiences
  • Specialty acts and performers
  • Large-scale video walls
  • Projection mapping
  • Game shows
  • One-to-many VR and AR experiences
In Booth Theater Presentations - Writing Your Story’s Script

Writing Your Story’s Script

Wondering how to create excitement around your product launch? Or how to top last year’s booth with an edgier, tech-enabled experience? Well, it all starts with a story.

We dive deep into your product and message to uncover the unique aspects of your message – and then craft a compelling story to connect with your audience and their careabouts.

Our content creators fully script your production, so it reads like a show. Even a short and straightforward presentation requires close attention to supporting visuals and technical elements to compliment the script. Finally, we make the story crisp and fast-paced – designed to keep even the shortest attention span.

Lights, Camera, Action!

At TPG, we provide a turnkey production process, so all you have to do is show up!

Our production teams bring your presentation to life with an eye for detail. We make sure every element is handled, from lighting and sound to set and video.

From there, our team of professional talent and hosts deliver your presentation flawlessly every time – on schedule and on-brand. With trained engagers who keep the same energetic stamina from the first show to the final curtain, your audience stays engaged, and booth traffic and dwell times increase.

In Booth Theater Presentations - Lights, Camera, Action!
In Booth Theater Presentations - The Big Finale

The Big Finale

The show isn’t over when the presentation is done.

Our team helps craft your entire in-booth experience to ensure attendees are tracked and qualified before leaving your exhibit.

Make a final splash by giving attendees a valued incentive for spending time with you. We create a pull-through strategy that uses our team of trained professionals to connect interested audience members to sales representatives for more details, or into further lead generation activities and product demonstrations.

And since the show lives on even after the curtain falls, we capture the necessary data to nurture post-event relationships through social interactions and marketing communications.

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