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Trade Show Lead Generation + Management

Lead Capture for Trade Shows and Virtual Events

Capture, Qualify, and Manage

Ask most trade show and event marketers what their primary objective is, and the answer is often sales lead generation.

But that goal is irrelevant if leads aren’t properly collected, qualified, contacted, and (fingers crossed!) closed. Everyone in your organization has a vested interest in successful lead generation + measurement because it tracks if your event marketing investments are paying off. 

With over 25 years in the trade show, event, and experiential marketing industry, we’re focused on helping you capture, qualify, and manage your leads to deliver the greatest return.

Lead Generation - Capture, Qualify, and Manage
Jeannie Siemens

“TPG turned expensive eye candy into a pro-active lead generator.”

Jeannie Wert

Director, Exhibit Management

Siemens Healthineers

Lead Generation - More Efficient Lead Generation

More Efficient Lead Generation

Lead generation success isn’t solely about the number generated. Contacts don’t equate to leads, leads don’t automatically turn into sales, and often new relationships are nurtured for months or longer before the sale is made.

Working with you, TPG develops a detailed understanding of exactly what a qualified lead looks like to your organization. We then determine the best way to consistently collect this information across all events, year-over-year.

Lead Management at Scale

Unfortunately, not all events use a lead management system that works for your business. And collecting lead information for virtual events typically is limited to basic contact information.

No matter the format, it’s vital to have a strong strategy and tools in place to qualify and manage leads from event to event or show to show.

To scale and add consistency to lead management, TPG works with you to effectively implement the right lead acquisition system. Or we can deliver a custom-designed lead application that is specific to your needs.

We have solutions that enable custom qualification questions, multiple branching surveys, literature fulfillment, and direct-response email deployment to hit your attendee’s inbox before they exit the event. Using an API, we can also integrate directly with your CRM to be sure your sales team receives the information they need to facilitate effective follow-up communications.

Our lead management development process includes:

  • Finding and implementing the right software for your specific needs
  • Defining sales and marketing objectives for effective ROI and ROO measurement
  • Determining how and where to incorporate survey questions as part of the lead generation process
  • Creating custom lead qualifying surveys to assist in gathering required lead information
  • Setting up ranking/grading criteria to qualify and prioritize leads for follow-up
  • If needed, enlisting our brand ambassadors to assist with greeting, qualifying, and scanning in-person attendees to ensure all information is captured
  • Monitoring and analyzing lead metrics for reporting + analysis.

Make Your Event a Lead Gen Machine

Skip manually collecting and transcribing business cards or renting expensive lead-scan devices that provide an inconsistent qualification process with a single, consistent, and affordable solution.

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