Quantifying Results and Maximizing ROI for Trade Shows

Measure What Matters: Prove Your Trade Show Marketing Program’s Value

Show Me the Trade Show Results

It’s no secret trade shows fill pipelines with leads and drive results.

But like any other smart marketing and sales investment, trade shows need to be measured, monitored, and compared to other expenses to ensure the investment is spent wisely and to show ROI (return on investment).

TPG’s team of results-driven strategists focus on acquiring the right data across the right platforms to deliver the greatest return on your investment. And we turn your boring statistics into total awesomeness to make you a total ROI rockstar.

How do we work with you to define measurement success?

  • Create a series of success metrics to gauge ROI, ROO (Return on Objective), and ROE (Return on Experience)
  • Develop a campaign to deliver the right data to measure KPIs against your objectives
  • Gather audience insights to drive growth using a value-led approach
  • Analyze and report on metrics to tie them to your objectives

People Think it’s Magic. We Call it Analytics.

Measuring trade show data and information is key to keeping and securing more budget, gaining more visibility and recognition with your organization, and protecting the event calendar.

Our measurement and analytics programs sum up if goals were met, and provide qualitative and quantitative metrics and actionable insights for the future.

Analytics & Measurement - People Think it’s Magic. We Call it Analytics.
Analytics Measurement - Lead Generation + Management

Lead Generation + Management

Acquiring and qualifying prospect information so your team can confidently follow-up is one of the most critical tasks in event marketing success. TPG gathers all the right information from attendees, so you receive qualified leads and solid metrics.

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Discover how we increased qualified leads by 90% by implementing a robust lead generation strategy.

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Get feedback from a diverse group of trade show attendees to deliver a richer understanding of how your marketing program had an impact.

Whether in a face-to-face or virtual environment, our surveys provide rock-solid data and actionable insights for your marketing and sales teams.

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Analytics & Measurement - Surveys

The Right Data for Your Experience

At TPG, we believe capturing the right data to prove performance is paramount.

We look for fresh and exciting ways to capture, track, and analyze data for your program – from pre- and post-show campaigns to leading-edge data-collection technologies during your event to comprehensive reports and analysis.

Analytics & Measurement - Reporting + Analytics

Reporting + Analytics

Data and analytics paint a picture of how attendees experience your brand. But, not all data is created equal.

And how you read that data takes expertise in knowing and understanding the event as well as the audience. Let us do the heavy-lifting and provide comprehensive reports and analysis to tell your success story.

Take a Deep Dive Into Reporting + Analytics

Construct a New Plan for Reporting ROI, ROO and ROE

Spend less time talking about measurement and more time celebrating success. Collaborate with us to develop a measurement strategy that delivers quantifiable results and actionable insights.

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