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Collaboration. Creativity. Results. Let’s Define and Create a Memorable Experience.

A Successful Experience Starts With Creative Collaboration

Whether it’s F2F, virtual or hybrid, what your experience looks like starts with two critical questions: What do you want to get out of it? And how can your brand personality be combined with your goals to create something memorable?

At TPG, when we understand what success looks like to you, we plan the path forward using data, drive, and a lot of imagination.

Creating something memorable is collaboration and inspiration.

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What do we look at to create a memorable, results-driven experience?

  • Overall goals
  • Your unique company culture and brand attributes
  • Audience analysis
  • The physical or virtual environment
  • Technology applications to amplify the experience
  • Additional marketing support opportunities to extend the experience


Strategy - The Process: Collaborate and Create

The Process: Collaborate and Create

A successful experience doesn’t happen overnight. Capturing attention and driving attendance means starting months in advance. Our process includes:

  • Understanding your goals and challenges
  • Defining SMART objectives
  • Developing audience awareness to create connections
  • Building an integrated marketing approach
  • Designing metrics to measure success

Don’t get passed by. Be the experience that is talked about even after it’s over, wins awards and is recognized within your organization for driving real results.

Today is the day to start thinking about raising the bar for your next experience.

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Data-Driven Creativity for For Any Type Of Show

In Real Life

When your experience is entirely F2F, draw people to your booth and give them a long-lasting positive brand impression.

Virtual Shows

Create true connections even while socially-distancing. Our decades of experience mean your virtual experience has real impact.

Hybrid Shows

When combining F2F and virtual, we design an approach that makes sure neither audience feels neglected. Let’s connect everyone.

Promote, Publish, Perfect

There are a million moving parts of every successful show. We’ll get them all in order to amplify the impact.

  • Marketing campaigns to create awareness and drive attendance
  • Email, web, and paid campaigns
  • Content creation for slides, keynotes, media, animation, and more to crisply tell your story
  • Professional staff to make the event run smoothly and activate the experience

We’ve got a plan. Let’s make it work.

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Strategy - Promote, Publish, Perfect

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