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When your virtual event, trade show, or meeting is in full swing, there is a general gut feeling about how the program is going. There’s a rough estimate of booth traffic or virtual event attendance, and you probably have a preliminary indication of leads and sales opportunities.

However, these methods only provide limited information – not the hard data often required by senior management to justify the spend.

That’s where surveys come in. Not only do good surveys generate good intelligence, the gleaned information is essential for identifying opportunities and recommendations for improvement and satisfying executives’ need to show ROI and ROO.

Remember, surveys are important in the virtual world, too. Audience engagement strategies can be challenging online, so answers to survey questions help you to craft a more meaningful virtual event the next time around.

TPG provides pre-, at and post-event surveys to:

  • Compare results to goals and objectives
  • Deliver actionable insights for continuous improvement
  • Inform future investments

Lead Surveys

Too often, lead capture systems center around recording contact information – and not the important information sales needs to qualify and follow-up with contacts.

Knowing information like purchase intent, timeline to buy and other qualifying information is critical, TPG’s team of measurement strategists work with you to create a custom lead survey to capture the essential details while providing you with actionable information.

The obtained lead survey data provides analytics and insights valuable to your sales and marketing teams. But depending on the answers to those survey questions, staff can also use the information to take a deeper dive into visitors’ interests, needs and pain points. For instance, lead survey answers often provide insights for the appropriate company staff member to continue the dialogue – addressing an attendee’s interest or solving a top-of-mind challenge.


Surveys - Lead Surveys
Surveys - Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

Getting feedback from a diverse group of event attendees – while it’s fresh in their minds – provides a rich understanding of whether or not your brand experience impacted your customers and prospects.

Exit interview surveys are an easy and affordable way to get this valuable attendee feedback. Let TPG’s measurement strategists construct an exit interview strategy and targeted questions to capture the important information you’re looking to learn about your brand experience.

Our engaging, friendly, and approachable staff can serve as dedicated on-site survey facilitators, approaching and engaging attendees, and ensuring all survey information is consistently captured.

Once captured, exit interview data is analyzed and presented in visual reports with an executive summary, making it easy to understand the results.


Competitive Analysis

Beyond your own booth or brand experience, TPG also provides non-biased, third-party competitive analysis surveys. Use our auditing staff to create, execute and analyze a competitive survey that evaluates and compares how your design, activities, and personnel stacked up against the competition.

Information collected includes observations of visitor experiences, demos, graphics and signage, attention-getting techniques, promotion, attendance, sponsorship activities, and more.

Surveys - Competitive Analysis

Survey Says

Whether your event is live or online, we guide you in the right way to use surveys to gather data, identify areas for improvement, and show value for the investment.

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