Reporting + Analytics

Reporting + Analytics for Trade Shows + Virtual Events

Demonstrate Your Value

Protecting Event Budgets

Before the pandemic, average historical data showed most businesses spend nearly a quarter to a third of their total marketing budgets on live events. The most successful companies spend 1.7x the average marketing budget on events.

And while average spend figures are growing for virtual and hybrid events, with any significant investments like these, company executives undoubtedly want to see the return they’re getting. If you’re not providing reporting + analytics to show value, it’s easy for them to view trade show and event marketing as a money pit.

Reporting is organizing collected trade show + event data using tables, charts, and graphing tools . Analytics is the process of evaluating data to gain insight, determine lead performance, or assess areas that need to be worked upon to maximize ROI.

At TPG, we provide both.

By taking the time to evaluate each show objectively and consistently share results, programs are less vulnerable to budget cuts. Plus, reporting + analytics provides you and your management team with information to make critical decisions that increase your program’s value.

Reporting + Analytics Integration

Our strategic measurement teams integrate reporting + analytic methodologies into any event plan, tracking hard data like ROI, registration, and speaker scores, or soft data and Net Promoter Scores. We monitor mobile and digital data, such as social reach and engagement figures.

In any combination or all of the above, we live for helping you define and integrate a strategy to meet your individual goals and ensure the budget is well spent.

And we have all the event analytics + reporting tools needed to get deeper insights and quantifiable measurements.

Reporting + Analytics - Reporting + Analytics Integration

Lead Generation Analysis

With generating sales and revenue topping the list of why companies participate in virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, assessing the quantity and quality of leads generated is typically of the utmost importance to your executives.

Lead generation success metrics include:

  • Click-through rate (CTR), measuring the number of clicks or submissions a call-to-action receives
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Time to conversion
  • Cost per lead
  • Leads per channel
  • Month-to-date success
  • Leads to qualified leads
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

At TPG, we take lead data, purge duplicates, and compile all results in a structured leads report, complete with attendee demographics and other show-related facts. 

We also track and measure CTR from lead gen emails – right down to unique page views and overall visits, cost per lead, and ROI based on a sales profit price point. We have also developed proprietary tools to report sales conversion rates and sales volume during the designated selling cycle – demonstrating a 1500% total ROI across events.

TPG analyzes the metrics vital to you and reports areas of success, where improvements can be made, or how to modify your brand experiences for a better return on your investment.

Reporting & Analytics - Lead Generation Analysis

Take the Guesswork Out of How Your Event Performed

Unless your leadership values “way to go’s,” you need concrete data. We have all the analytics + reporting tools needed to get deeper insights and quantifiable measurements.

Move Your Measurement Forward