Staff Training for Trade Shows

Building a Successful Trade Show or Event Staff

You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

Whether it’s a an in-person trade show or conference, or virtual or hybrid product launch or meeting, hours and hours of go into planning and producing the experience. But in too many cases, how you train and prepare staff can mean the difference between a program that flourishes and one that flops.

To make the program successful, the staff and event personnel should be on point and prepped for success.

TPG’s talented team of trainers and communicators has vast experience supporting our clients with a variety of training programs.

Training - You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

Trade Show Booth Staff Etiquette

The whole world is a stage and make no mistake – trade show attendees are influenced by the performance, personal attributes, and behavior of your exhibit staff.

The trade show environment is unique and requires a special set of communication skills. To that end, we offer best practice programs in exhibit training to help your staff succeed in this environment. After all, the human factor matters, impacting ROI, brand awareness, perception of your company and future sales.

First, we learn your brand attributes inside and out to tailor the training based on your exhibit goals and objectives. Then, we help your staff understand how to quickly articulate your company’s value to attendees


Finally, we cover topics including:

  • Common dos and don’ts of staff conduct
  • Best ways to approach and greet attendees
  • The importance of body language
  • How to quickly qualify booth visitors and capture information
  • Skillful handoffs and transitions
  • The importance of professionalism, active listening skills, and discretion
Training - Strategic Briefing Plans

Strategic Briefing Plans

Bonus! We also create detailed briefing documents that cover the kitchen sink of topics so your staff has everything they need to know about the upcoming event, including:

  • Your goals and objectives
  • Key products
  • Activities and engagement strategies
  • Lead qualifying and acquisition plans
  • Best practices for etiquette and staff conduct
  • The agenda, including time, place, and shift schedules
  • Rehearsal times or walkthroughs

Speaker and Executive Coaching

Does the idea of speaking in public or on-camera turn your speakers or executives into a nervous wreck? You’re not alone. Fear of public speaking always ranks high in the list of anxiety-provoking activities. Or maybe you just want to up your game and take your speaking chops to a higher level.

Whether on-screen or on-site, we have experienced trainers in the field of executive presentation skills for the camera, as well as for live events.

Need help in crafting speeches and providing visual support? We do that too. Whatever your speaking needs, we’ll turn your speakers and executives into a rock star in short order!


Training - Speaker and Executive Coaching
Training - Custom Training Programs

Custom Training Programs

Maybe your team needs training help in a different capacity – like that of our client who faces the challenge of personnel turnover and has a 185-page manual to brief each new staffer on!

For almost 20 years, TPG has facilitated a multi-faceted, custom training program that includes in-person small group sessions, one-on-one WebEx deep dives, and recorded webinars. Our team of trainers learned the software program and all the ins and outs to become on-call product experts – and we can do the same for you too!

Product Specialists

TPG has a vast and talented pool of highly qualified individuals whose specialty is quickly learning key messaging.

By proactively interacting with target audiences, our team quickly qualifies prospects. We do this by creating and implementing custom training and briefings for each program.

Training - Product Specialists

 Prepare Your Team for Success

TPG has years of experience developing and facilitating training programs for your events, sales personnel, and franchise owners.

Let’s Create a Great First Impression!