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Product Demos that Delight

Attendees go to trade shows not only to see new products but also to learn about how they work.

Whether small and hands-on to big show-stopping experiences and everything in between, live product demonstrations effectively bring product solutions to life and make for a memorable experience.

For 25+ years, TPG has designed product demos to capture – and keep – the attention of trade show attendees.

Product Demonstrations - Product Demos That Delight
Product Demonstrations - Starting with the Story

Starting with the Story

Your product may be the best in the industry. But without a benefits-oriented story connected to what your audience cares about, the product demo will fall flat.

First, TPG’s team of strategists and content creators dig deep to understand what makes your product unique. Then we expertly weave together your product’s unique features with effective storytelling techniques to set your product apart from the competition. Finally, we make it easy-to-understand with short scripts and crisp talking points designed for limited show floor attention spans.

Adding Impact

Not all products can easily be demonstrated.

Perhaps your product is too large or expensive to ship from show-to-show. Maybe it’s part of a complex solution story. Or understanding the product best comes from hands-on experience.

Using a dash of strategy, a sprinkle of creativity, and a mix of audience interaction, digital interactives, or cutting-edge technology, we add excitement and energy to make your product demonstration compelling – no matter the demonstration challenge.

Remember: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Product Demonstrations - Adding Impact
Product Demonstrations - Maximizing the Message

Maximizing the Message

A one-off demo placed at the back of the booth doesn’t attract audiences. And too often, internal salespeople aren’t comfortable or available to deliver non-stop demonstrations for eight hours over multiple show days.

TPG works with you to determine the best product demo placement to draw passersby’s attention.

To solve limited internal bandwidth challenges, our team of highly-trained product specialists are skilled in guiding demonstrations by efficiently delivering key highlights and talking points to maximize your message.

Using a professional product demonstrator also keeps your sales team focused on building relationships, collecting leads, and closing sales instead of worrying about the demonstration. After all, you’re there to do business.

Providing a Pull-Through

With compelling product demos, audiences often want to learn more. It’s a prime opportunity to connect those who are interested with your sales team.

We surround product demonstrations with a defined pull-through strategy. From qualifying questions to facilitating hand-offs to sales staff, we keep interested attendees flowing into your booth – and deeper into the sales funnel.

Product Demonstrations - Providing a Pull-Through

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