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Siemens Healthineers Doubles YOY Sales Value Per Lead 

Making History with an Epic Trade Show Product Launch Event

Launching a new product at an industry trade show that creates big buzz is a tall order. Add to it the idea of revealing a new company name and brand, and a goal to have “every single attendee in the trade show hall in the booth for the launch,” the task becomes a taller order.

TPG proudly partnered with Siemens Healthineers for the dramatic debut of their new brand and new suite of healthcare solutions.

  • A bold creative theme set the stage for the entire launch experience
  • The robust pre-show marketing campaign with attention-grabbing images began building buzz and anticipation
  • A high-profile countdown event, amplified with sophisticated AV and lighting, made the Siemens booth a desirable destination on the show floor
The product launch at AACC for Siemens Healthineers

The Strategy

  • To make the new company name, brand, and product unveiling something truly historic, TPG worked hand-in-hand with Siemens to develop a multi-touch, integrated program to build anticipation leading up to and throughout the event
  • Read more about the program development in EXHIBITOR Magazine

The Actions

  • TPG developed a top-secret-themed pre-show marketing campaign, which included targeted direct mailers and emails, social campaigns, paid online search advertising, and mobile push notifications
  • Wraparound marketing support extended to outdoor billboards in highly trafficked locations and doorknob hangers placed on show attendees’ hotel doors
  • Kinetic, color-changing lighting and a novel use of “smart glass” – sheet material embedded with LCD crystals that are opaque in their natural state, but turn transparent when an electric current is applied – became the perfect backdrop for the high-profile countdown new product reveal
  • Teaser videos that played on the smart glass surface fueled attendees’ curiosity and added to the building excitement
  • Strategic appointment setting and pull-through strategies maximized the number of new product demos and drove attendees into the exhibit to learn about Siemens other solutions

The Results

  • Crowds packed in and around the aisles of the exhibit, eagerly counting down to the big reveal
  • On-site intercept surveys found attendees rated Siemens the #1 booth experience at the show
  • The company’s sales value per lead more than doubled YOY, with a majority identified as “new hot leads”


increase in total visits to microsite


at show exhibit tours increase

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