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Elsevier Clinical Solutions Achieves a 15% YOY Boost in Booth Attendance

Using the Power of Digital to Establish Thought Leadership

Well-known as the publisher of “Gray’s Anatomy,” one of the most important healthcare textbooks in the history of medicine, Elsevier Clinical Solutions has a strong legacy of providing world-class evidence-based content.

But many don’t understand Elsevier also provides a wealth of other digital knowledge tools to empower healthcare professionals and patients to make better decisions.

Understanding attendees are hungry for knowledge, we helped the company revamp its approach for its largest industry trade show.

  • A digital-focused pre-convention marketing strategy attracted attention and drew visitors to the booth
  • Forward-thinking, technology-based virtual panel presentation provided a non-stop education activity

The Strategy

HIMSS is a leading healthcare IT industry trade show, with show-stopping booths that make attracting attendee attention a tough task

For the last several years, TPG has worked with Elsevier to enhance their overall program with more digital touchpoints designed to showcase Elsevier as a technology leader and the wealth of digital knowledge solutions they provide

“Your wonderful team is making this big project seem almost too easy.
We truly appreciate the great team and we’re very excited for the site launch.

Sr. Marketing Manager


The Actions

  • TPG created a new digitally-integrated audience acquisition strategy, using geo-targeted social campaigns, and personalized email and microsites to capture attention from busy trade show attendees
  • An eye-catching mosaic video wall set a digital-first focus for the entire booth experience
  • A virtual panel session with five executives ensured their insights and Elsevier’s key message was delivered consistently for the entire run of the trade show – and overcame the challenge of limited reach for a traditional in-person panel by
  • Professional brand ambassadors engaged attendees and helped facilitate introductions to Elsevier’s sales professionals

The Results

  • 15 percent increase in YOY booth visitors
  • Met with 75 customers


Exceeded average CTRs for sponsored social campaigns



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