F2F Conference Experience: Delivering Brand Engagement and Driving Results

Make Sure Visitors Stop At Your Booth, and Start a Relationship

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Educate, Entertain, Engage, and Excite Your Visitors

Standing out from the crowd doesn’t mean being the most flashy or expensive. It means delivering the best brand experience. That’s what we’ll do for you.

Your booth has a central message. It should be heard. We’re here to make people stop and listen (and look and touch and buy).

How Do We Create An Activity Hub?

  • Align technology and creativity
  • Focus your message so that it stands out
  • Proactively entice visitors to come by
  • Create clear ways for visitors to know your story
  • Work within your budget to create something remarkable
  • There’s no one perfect technology. There’s no one path. There’s only the experience that exceeds your objective. There’s only your one story.

Your Booth. Your Unique Experience.

In a world of endless possibilities, there’s one type of integrated trade show program that works best to meet your objectives. We’ll collaborate to make it happen.

Theater Experience | One-On-One | Display Kiosk | Virtual Reality | ANCHOR LINK

The Theater Experience

Bring in a big crowd. Give them what they came for.

The Theater Experience means regular showtimes, big flashy graphics, and the ability to connect with a lot of people at once. It generates excitement and community. It’s showtime.

How Do We Create The Theater Experience?.

  • Screens, graphics, and more
  • Script writing and editing
  • Crowd enticement
  • Flawless A/V Experience


They’ll love the show. And when they want the sequel, you’ve got a new lead.

 See a Theater Case Study From Client X

The One-on-One Experience

Engage people one at a time. Give them a full experience.

The One-on-One Experience means a rotating crowd and personalized attention. You need to be able to answer questions, guide them through an experience, and keep them engaged.

How do we create a One-on-One Experience?

    • Engaging technology
    • Attention-drawing displays
    • Highly-trained staff
    • Other

They’re stopping for a reason. You’ll give them a reason to stay.

See a One-On-One Case Study For Client Y

The Demonstration Kiosk

Self-guided tours through your business. Make sure they get to their destination.

The Demonstration Kiosk is an interactive way for visitors to engage with your brand. It’s low-maintenance but needs to be done right so people understand and follow-up.

How do we create the Demonstration Kiosk Experience?

  • Interactive scripts
  • Interactive iPads and Booth Staff
  • Gamification
  • Trained staff to make sure everything goes right

They want to get to know you. It’s interactive tech that leads to real interactions.

See a Demonstration Kiosk Case Study from Client Z

The Virtual Reality Experience

The next big thing is already here. Make virtual reality your reality.

How do visitors truly interact with your brand? Through virtual reality. You can create an experience that lets them realize the way your product or services works. It let’s it be a part of them.

How do we create the Virtual Reality Experience?

  • Close partnerships with VR vendors
  • Interesting interactive scripts
  • Gesture technology
  • Trained staff

The reality might be virtual, but your experience will be the most real part of the show.

See a Virtual Reality Case Study From Client A

The Right Tech For Your Experience

At TPG, we believe technology is a tool to work alongside creativity and boost your brand. That means we only recommend what we think it best for you.

When you take into account your audience, your objectives, your budget, and your brand, a picture forms. Are you a company that energizes a crowd or one that leads them to a new reality? Do you engage one-on-one or let them interact with you as they like?

There’s no wrong answer. There’s only the unique, brand-appropriate experience we’ll create.

Additional Core Offerings

Creating a Full F2F Experience

How the booth is set up is only the start. We’ll make sure everything goes right.


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Scripts, social media integration, email marketing and more. Inform to attract.

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