It’s been a another whirlwind year for TPG! Two years ago we rebranded, reenergized and repositioned ourselves as one of the premier trade show and event marketing companies in the country. We launched our new website to rave reviews, expanded our client-base and our staff, and created exciting new programs and activations for our current clients. We tweeted, retweeted, shared, followed, liked, blogged and immersed ourselves in the new and exciting technologies that enhance the attendee experience. We learned about big data, small data, no data and the new reality through virtual reality. We heard about wearables, smart tech and drones – oh my! For all that changes each year, some things remain the same. Is it any surprise that in spite of new technologies and fandangled gadgets people still yearn for face-to-face interaction? In fact, according to exhibit designer extraordinaire, Nimlok Chicago:

Despite the obstacles and costs, trade shows serve as great opportunities for brands to openly interact with prospects, customers, and vendors. (Read more.)

So cheers to 2016! In that spirit here is a compilation of six of our favorite 2016 articles about event marketing from our website that cover a variety of trade show topics. Enjoy!

1. Exercise Your Exhibit Air Rights – Real Estate in the Sky


It’s not uncommon to see a hanging sign, ID tower, or overhead banner. But the challenge is to make it compelling, or even to think outside the box by hanging an attractive eye-catching element that reflects your brand.  This is exactly what TPG did with a recent client looking to make a big statement on the show floor.

 2. Nice and Easy – 7 Simple Hacks for Trade Show Success


Although exhibiting at a trade show can be an expensive proposition, following these seven cost-effective tips is a simple method to solve the trade show success puzzle. In fact, it’s nice and easy.

 3. Trade Show Planning: 10 Tips on How to Cut Costs

Cutting costs 2

If you’re not careful the cost of your exhibit can quickly spiral into a bottomless money pit! When you have to work within a budget (and who doesn’t?), it begins with planning and ends with the bottom line.  Here are 10 tips to help you cut costs on your next trade show exhibit.

 4. Beyond Booth Babes – Meet Today’s Trade Show Talent

Booth Babe Leopard

Here is a list and definitions of the hired guns who specialize in increasing the effectiveness of your own trade show staff, expanding brand awareness and helping assure that your exhibit investment pays off.

 5. Ditch the Fishbowl – Lead Retrieval in the Digital Age


Event technology has changed the way we can gather leads that’s quick and easy for booth visitors and more efficient for company follow up. Here are five reasons you should ditch tossing business cards into a fishbowl and upgrade to digital lead retrieval.

6. Gold, Silver or Bronze – Six Steps to an Impactful Trade Show Sponsorship

Sponsorship - Medals

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and create an emotional commitment to a brand, a sponsorship is a great way to go. Not only can it support new campaigns or products on the floor, a well-placed sponsorship allows your client’s branding to be carried home by attendees after the show is over.

Thank You!

Cheers to our team, clients, new contacts, associates and friends for a wonderful 2016. And a special thank you to the bountiful bloggers, industry trend-setters, event marketing professionals and crystal-ball gazers who keep us on our toes and always encourage us to think big. Onward!

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C.C. Carr - Lead Onsite Director

C.C. Carr – Lead Onsite Director