The hard work is done. You’re ready to exhibit at a trade show. You’ve even decided to use a live presentation in your booth to heighten brand awareness, increase ROI and deliver your message to the masses.  The script and multimedia have been finalized, the giveaways are ready, lead retrieval is set and your staff trained. Plus, you’ve hired a terrific presenter. Done, right? WRONG! Not if you haven’t augmented your exhibit staffing with at least one professional Brand Ambassador/Crowd Gatherer to assist with your theater presentation. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Brand Ambassadors increase booth traffic and exposure by stimulating interest in the upcoming presentation. Their main purpose is to generate excitement about your brand and encourage attendance in the theater area. They’re trained to provide an overview of the presentation to attendees including the subject matter, how long it is and what will be given away.

    Exhibit Staffing and In-Booth Presentation

    In-booth presentation.

  2. Brand Ambassadors take the burden of gathering a crowd from your exhibit staff and presenter. Your people are there to talk with prospects, sell and answer questions. They may not feel comfortable or have the personality traits and patience to engage attendees in the aisle and rope them into the theater. Further, it diminishes the role of the presenter if he or she has to gather their own crowds.

    TPG Exhibit Staffing

    TPG Brand Ambassadors receive booth training.

  3. Brand Ambassadors don’t take rejection personally. If a visitor says he or she doesn’t have time or is uninterested, your brand ambassador will simply smile and move on. Also, attendees may be intimidated by being approached by a company representative and are more responsive to a friendly, approachable individual.
  4. Brand Ambassadors provide ongoing support by continuing to fill seats after the show has started. They scan badges, hand out necessary company literature and assist with the giveaways. If you have an entertainment oriented show, they encourage participation by getting the audience to clap, holler or provide game show responses. They set up the next presentation, organize prizes and place them, refresh the theater area by arranging chairs and picking up litter.
  5. Brand ambassadors fulfill multiple roles by continuing to engage visitors in between shows, capturing leads, answering basic company questions and connecting visitors to the appropriate exhibit staff.

    TPG Brand Ambassador Exhibit Staffing

    TPG Brand Ambassador captures a lead at RIMS.

In summary: The use of at least one spirited, motivated brand ambassador adds to the success and appeal of the presentation or engagement experience by getting people out of the aisles and into your booth. They’re approachable, knowledgeable, helpful and take the burden of gathering an audience from your own staff. The benefits of hiring a brand ambassador to assist your exhibit staffing far outweigh the minimal added expense. Unsung no longer!

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C.C. Carr - Lead Onsite Director

C.C. Carr – Lead Onsite Director