Dear Attendee,

As you walk the hallowed aisles of the umpteenth trade show you’ve attended this year – bleary-eyed from last night’s “dinner with colleagues” (wink, wink) – we know you have a lot to see on the show floor. As exhibitors, we know you. You’re the road-weary traveler tasked with gathering information on the latest and greatest products and services available in your industry.  A trade show, in all its face-to-face glory, is the best place to see the ultimate array of offerings under one roof over just a few days. So, as you walk the expo aisles, craving to see an exhibit that stands out among the sea of others – we resoundingly make these five promises to you:

#1: Our booth will look great!

Why? Because we inspect our exhibit regularly. If the light bulbs that highlight our products and signage are out, we change them. If our properties are damaged in any way, we fix them. Our graphics will be vibrant and we’ll update them when needed. All aspects of the appearance of our booth will be tended to so it looks refreshed and new, even if that means purchasing or renting a new exhibit.

During the show we’ll take out the trash and pick up the liter. We’ll have pride in our booth’s appearance so you’ll know we have pride in our products too!

#2: You’ll know who we are and what we do.

It’s not fair if you have to guess which booth you’re looking at! Our exhibit will be a haven of clarity and simplicity, with signage that can be seen at long, medium and close range. Our company logo will be clear, concise, uncluttered and consistent.  You’ll be able to easily read and understand our primary messaging so you don’t lose interest and walk away. Our products will be organized and prominently displayed. We’ll bring enough literature or send you links to company information.

Oh, and we’re social as all get out. We’ll tweet, post and hashtag before and during the show so you’ll always know what’s happening in our booth.

#3: Our staff will be well-trained, informative, enthusiastic, friendly and attentive.

We won’t chew gum, talk or text, cluster with colleagues and basically ignore you. That part is easy, but we’ll go further. We know you are desperate for exhibit staff to listen more and ask the right questions. After we know your interests, we’ll tell you a tailored story about how our solutions can help you soar in your business. Our team will have in-depth product knowledge and positive, approachable attitudes. We promise we’ll bring the right people and train them well.

#4: We’ll give you a reason to come out of the aisle and into our booth.

We only have a few seconds to grab your attention. After all, you have places to go and people to see. We promise an immersive experience that will ensure you’ll remember us. Maybe we’ll catch your eye with movement and action, such as interactive media, an in-booth presentation, product demos, a game or contest, a prize wheel, guided booth tours or infotainers. We want you to have a good time while learning about our brand. Ask yourself – whether a booth is big or small, wouldn’t you rather visit one that is active and fun? By the way, in return for your time we’ll leave you with a token of our appreciation, such as a branded gift that you can actually use and remember us by.

#5: We’ll follow up with you regarding your interests QUICKLY.

According to industry experts, 80 percent of leads generated during a trade show are never followed up on. Our aim is to reach out to you within 48 hours. How would it look if we didn’t keep our commitments to send you more company information, a price quotation, or the follow up phone call you requested? Contacting you after the show is the start of building a strong foundation for a long relationship with you in the future.

In conclusion, dear valued attendee, we won’t waste your time. We respect that you are looking for solutions that will catapult your business into the stratosphere and we’d like to be your partner in that goal. Research shows that roughly 81 percent of you have purchasing power and we want to earn the trust to deserve your business. If our booth does not provide an inviting first impression you will be leery of our company in general. When you leave our exhibit, your questions about our products and services will have been answered. You will know the essence of our brand and our people.  Most of all, you’ll walk away feeling that you were paid attention to like the rock star that you are! We promise.



Trade Show Promises

C.C. Carr – Lead On-Site Director