The process of standing out at a trade show begins long before you arrive to the floor. No matter how perfect your preparation has been, nothing is as important as your exhibit.  Exhibitors at RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) are leaders in the medical imaging field. Making an impact at this event is essential and can be a challenge. It is paramount that your visual presentation be exceptional and these days few things are more eye-catching then LEDs.

TPG had a great showing at this year’s RSNA and we wanted to share the inside scoop. I was able to ask Kristen Heitman, our Experiential Program Manager, a few questions to better understand the secret to success at RSNA.

Ilana: So much of the technology with radiology equipment is based on advancing imaging. How do you think that’s related to how it is exhibited?

Kristen: All our clients at RSNA want to be at the forefront of technology, both in their field, as well as with their marketing campaigns.  Because many companies at RSNA have that same goal, it can be challenging to come up with visuals within the booth that are both cost-effective and eye-catching. Senses go into overdrive as soon as you step on the show floor, so making something that is visually stunning and concise, but still conveys a story and/or elicits an emotion is key.

Ilana:  What sort of innovative LEDs did you use at RSNA?

Kristen: Initially, our clients had multiple booth options they were looking into.  One booth layout for a particular client stuck out to us, so we developed a creative treatment around a chevron-shaped LED with two back-to-back LED monitors that showed how images could flow seamlessly between the different screens. The chevron makes an arrow so any movement flowing from the back-to-backs onto the LED drew the attendees’ eyes to the center of the booth, where the chevron was displayed. Our client’s open booth layout, along with the chevron-inspired LED created a welcoming environment that drew attendees to their booth who otherwise might not have stopped by.

LED chevron-inspired screens

Ilana: What was your process like in selecting styles as well as selecting the presented images?

Kristen: Because this client did not want to use music at RSNA, we needed to find a way to tell their story visually, with minimal verbiage on the screen.  We developed a script around their newest ad campaign and found images that fit their message.  Almost all the images were from the client’s vast database of stock footage, so we were able to capture the feel while keeping everything within their brand.

Chevron-Inspired LED Screens

Ilana:  What kind of feedback did you receive?

Kristen: Everyone loved the images that were chosen, as well as the vibrant colors.

Vibrant LED screens

Ilana: What is the most surprising or unexpected takeaway from your experience in dealing with innovative LEDs?

Kristen: Ambient light can interfere with a projector. In comparison, the colors on the LED screens were vibrant, beautiful and visually stunning.  The jewel tones in our client’s brand guidelines created bold imaging that stood out in a sea of different types of digital displays.

In earlier years, when LED monitors needed to be wall-mounted, creativity was limited, but now that the transparent LED window display is so accessible, the possibilities are endless. LED display banners keep branding clear and concise, but at the same time visually dynamic.


When debuting at a technology-based show it is most important to present with the highest level of technology offered. If you can bring the visual power of Times Square at night onto the floor you can be certain to draw a crowd. Creative choices like using the chevron LEDs to literally point your attendees’ attention where you want it to be, presenting vibrant color and changing images keep the eyes on your prize.

Ilana Cohn, TPG Staff Writer

Kristen Heitman, Contributor

Never Underestimate the Power of Good Exhibit Lighting