Picture the most beautiful indoor setting you can imagine. Hold that scene in your mind. What sort of light surrounds you? Maybe it is bright sunlight streaming through the window, or a soft golden glow, or perhaps it’s a dim blue light that engulfs you. Whatever it is, I’m willing to bet that not a single person imagined themselves sitting under harsh fluorescent lights. Setting the mood with lighting is not just about making a space or product look good. It’s about evoking a feeling, touching someone so deeply that they instantly connect with where they are and what they are taking in, on a very deep level. Lighting in an event space not only provides the aesthetic you’re looking for but can truly alter a person’s state of mind. The right lighting is one of the most important design elements for making your exhibit work. In short, lighting is everything.

A few important things to remember:

1. Put on a Show! Your trade show booth is like a theatrical production. Make sure you have included an adequate budget for lighting design. If the product is there, but no one can see it or the exhibit doesn’t draw you in, you could lose people before they’ve even had a chance to see what you’re all about.

2. No Loose Ends. Don’t leave that side or back wall as a neglected area. Utilize every ounce of space you have. Often, the pathway leading into the space can be as alluring as the event space itself. Don’t miss an opportunity to attract an attendee.

3. Go Big with Gobos. Gobo lights can be used to project an image of your logo or any other message onto the wall or floor of your booth. They can also be programmed to project moving images or color onto a display. These lights are real attention-getters and will help attendees focus on your booth. Gone are the days of giant banners, which is good, because as modern-day exhibitors, we strive to be more sustainable, and Gobos certainly contribute in that department.

4. Attention-Grabbing LEDs. Making an impact at any event is essential and can be a challenge. It is paramount that your visual presentation be exceptional and these days few things are more eye-catching than LEDs. If you can bring the visual power of Times Square at night onto the floor you can be certain to draw a crowd. Creative choices like using the chevron LEDs to literally point your attendees’ attention where you want it to be, presenting vibrant color and changing images keep the eyes on your prize.

Whether you’re striving for a serene scene, or a dramatic rock concert feel, the light you choose will transform your event space from a blank canvas to a space attendees are longing to be a part of.

Five Lighting Tips and Tricks:

Accent lighting will make an object stand out in space. Highlight your display by using accent lighting to help define and add texture to your products and images.

Spotlights are great as performance lights and can be used to dramatic effect by highlighting your flagship product during a demonstration. Spotlights are also great as accent lights. The human eye is always attracted to the brightest spot in the room.

Architectural or ambient lighting can be used in a similar way to bring extra depth and dimension to your entire booth or display.

Micro fluorescents and LED strips can be used to provide dramatic backlighting that can help reinforce your branding message.

Motion Sensors can be a fun unexpected way to catch people’s attention as they walk by your booth. Surprise attendees with a custom message or logo that appears at their feet.

We live in a time where we have so many tools to help us create a perfect setting. Don’t let branding and messaging fall to the wayside, because when done well, good lighting can make you stand out on the floor. Light your exhibit with innovation and quality design and leave a lasting impact.

Ilana Cohn Sullivan, TPG Staff Writer

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