Presentations aren’t about the presenter; they’re about the audience and what the audience needs. ~ Simon Raybould

You’ve decided to take the plunge and exhibit at a trade show. Or, maybe you exhibit often but want to up your game. One thing is for sure, your goal is to increase trade show ROI and convert more prospects to sales. What will attract the most attention, assure you’ll stand out from the crowd and get your brand message across? According to the Center for Exhibit Industry Research (CEIR), 85% of trade show attendees have the power to recommend or make final purchasing decisions. You have just a few seconds to reach those decision makers!  There are many ways to attract crowds and incorporate sizzle into your trade show exhibit. One strategy is to offer an in-booth presentation.  Next time you’re at a trade show, walk the aisles. The booths that have the most activity are likely those which have incorporated a professional in-booth presentation. Here are 5 reasons you should, too.

1. Presentations attract people out of the aisle and into your booth.

Say it, and they will come! When people hear an amplified voice and see crowds form in your booth, they want to know more. The modern attendee has places to go, people to see and devices to check. They need a compelling reason to spend valuable time with you. When your team invites visitors to take a seat and the presentation starts, attendees are able take a breath, relax and respond favorably to your messaging.

Trade Show Presentation

TPG Presenter attracts crowds at ConExpo – ConAgg 2017

2. Presentations provide a consistent message to the most people over the course of the event.

Instead of talking only to individuals, you are communicating to large groups at once. Delivering a clear, concise and consistent message at regular intervals guarantees that you will reach the greatest number of people with the targeted message you want them to remember.

3. Presentations increase attendee retention of your exhibit.  

Speaking of remembering, one goal of exhibiting is to provide a memorable attendee experience that leads to future sales. A brief, finely-tuned presentation that addresses your prospects’ needs leaves a lasting mark – one they can’t get from a static booth.

4. Presentations influence brand opinion and purchasing consideration.

A positive first impression wins over an audience and helps the sale. Two out of every three trade show attendees say experiencing a professional presentation positively influences their opinion of the company brand and makes them more receptive to buying.

5. Presentations increase qualified leads by priming the audience members for follow-up by your exhibit team.

Here’s the payoff! After the presentation you have a booth filled with prospects. Take action! Use this opportunity to scan badges and include a short survey used for follow up. Now is the perfect time for your exhibit team to start a deeper conversation and build relationships that lead to sales!

Trade Show Presentation

Huge crowds for the product launch at AACC.

Who should deliver the presentation?

Not everyone in your organization has the speaking skills or the desire to present up to 10 times daily. The right speaker is as important as the presentation itself. Choose someone with public speaking chops – friendly, believable, credible, and who wants to do it. This is not an easy task, which is why we often suggest a professional trade show presenter, whose sole purpose is to deliver the pitch and take the burden off of your own staff.


Whether your booth is large or small, an in-booth presentation will attract a crowd, deliver your message to the most people, create a memorable experience, affect purchasing decisions and increase sales! Now, how do you craft the perfect trade show pitch?  Glad you asked! 10 Tips for a Successful In-Booth Presentation.

C.C. Carr, Lead Onsite Director

C.C. Carr, Lead Onsite Director