Spring! It’s transformational. Springtime turns an otherwise dull, sparse environment into an inviting, attractive, colorful experience that makes people want to get out and immerse themselves in all that’s new and promising for the future. Wait, is that a description of spring or trade shows? The analogy fits. After all, trade shows are full of visually enticing booth designs, vibrant signage and graphics, innovative and beautiful screen technology – all designed to immerse the visitor in the total brand experience. Just as spring evokes hopefulness about the future, TPG is in full bloom assisting new and existing clients with their futures by combining the latest technology with a warm, human connection that make face-to-face events unique. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to.

May bloomed with an exciting golf-themed event for Angie’s List! We kept the event flowing smoothly from start to finish providing a badge registration program, assisting in a social media activation, and the implementation of an exit survey. It was a great event that provided photo-worthy moments. Posting those photos to social media turned Angie’s List’s visitors into brand evangelists!

Selfie moments at Top Golf event for Angie's List.

Photo booth at Top Golf event for Angie’s List.

Our long-time client, Ford Commercial Vehicles, blossomed at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) expo with our creative enticements, that included a main-stage production, booth tours and a global Twitter wall. To make it interesting the wall was interactive, allowing attendees to see who was tweeting about the event from all over the world by touching a global map. We incentivized the experience by creating a contest with a $500 prize chosen from those who tweeted using the special hashtag #FORDNTEA! Visitors were encouraged to post photos of themselves in front of the wall to their social media accounts. These selfie-worthy moments were a fun and effective tactic to keep the conversation buzzing before, during and after the show. Taking advantage of the many social media platforms in and around the event turned one-to-one conversations into one-to-many.

Interactive Global Twitter wall.

Interactive Global Twitter wall in the Ford booth at NTEA.

Temperatures rose for our major healthcare client at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) trade show. We incorporated two 55″ transparent OLED screens with one 60″ curved LED to show remarkable surgery images in a way that was compelling in presenting our client’s story. By embracing cutting-edge innovation our client was able to attract and draw a sophisticated audience in an intriguing manner befitting of their ingenious technology.

Transparent OLED screens in our client's booth at RIMS.

Transparent OLED screens aid storytelling for our client at RIMS.

When attendees can experience a product, not just view it, engagement flourishes, and your brand becomes more memorable. We supported a major player in the insurance industry in doing exactly that with areas in their exhibit at the Risk Management Society’s (RIMS) annual trade show. Attendees were encouraged to participate in the Drone Challenge where they could pilot a drone for a chance to win a mini-drone, and experience their wearable technology that’s changing the anatomy of workplace safety. Touch, test, wear, play – today’s attendees don’t just want to be told about products, they want to experience them.

Attendee experiences a wearable vest at RIMS.

Attendee experiences a wearable vest at RIMS.

We are proud that our team was able to help make the Barco VIP Beer and Jazz event at CinemaCon a flowering success. The five-piece jazz ensemble and our Brand Ambassadors combined to create a dreamy atmosphere on a beautiful, spring Las Vegas evening. Wesley Snipes thought so!

VIP Networking event for Barco at CinemaCon.

VIP Networking event for Barco at CinemaCon.

Finally, to keep our team striving for peak perfection we attended the Experiential Marketing Summit where we were encouraged find our “secret sauce” and to surprise and delight our clients’ attendees every step of the way.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing Summit

Just like what happens in spring, TPG is experiencing new growth. We are excited that our creative team has been successful in helping our trade show clients embrace innovation and immersive experiences for their attendees. Modern attendees want to be connected to a brand. In short, they want cutting-edge and creative ideas that result in high-tech storytelling to bring purpose and meaning to their experiences. So here’s to spring, the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth!

C.C. Carr – Lead Onsite Director


Jean Howard, Director of Business Development

Organizational Strategist and Project Manager