Summer is here, but the temperature isn’t the only thing sizzling. TPG Trade Show and Event Marketing is proud to be featured in the June issue of Exhibitor Magazine and we hope you’ll take a moment to read about how we helped Siemens Healthineers fulfill their goal of launching the dramatic debut of their new suite of healthcare solutions. Creating the content and planning the logistics of the launch at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) trade show has been one of the highlights of our year.

Generating excitement around the launch was no small feat. Christina Piedlow, TPG Owner and Executive Director said:

Our challenge – create an epic event surrounding the launch of a new company name, a new brand, and the new product that would change the face of the industry forever. Siemens gave us the goal of having “every single attendee in the trade show hall in our booth for the launch.”

The results were outstanding! Because we supported our client in their willingness to be creative and innovative with their exhibit design, they garnered interest from all areas of the trade show floor. The booth was so tightly packed for the reveal that the audience swayed with excitement. There wasn’t an attendee to be found in the other aisles. And as everyone in the booth counted down from 10 to 1 armed with smart phones and cameras, there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that history was being made at this epic event.

TPG News in June. Product launch for Siemens Healthineers at AACC

New product launch for Siemens Healthineers at AACC.A lot of hard work and dedication went into this project, and we are so proud of its success. Thank you to Siemens Healthineers for your vision and for your continued trust and support!

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Christina Piedlow, TPG Executive Director

C.C. Carr, Lead Onsite Director