We are proud to announce that our own Jean Howard, Director of Business Development at TPG, is featured in the April issue of Exhibitor Magazine. Jean was asked to comment on the PhRMA Code covering company conduct at trade shows and events, which can be complicated and confusing. With over 20 years’ experience working with healthcare exhibitors, Jean has the experience in the pharmaceutical sector to help companies avoid exhibiting pitfalls.

“I’ve enjoyed working with clients in the healthcare industry most of my career. The rewards and challenges are great because it is always evolving. Ultimately, the people in this community are serving us – humanity. What can be more fulfilling?”

All of us at TPG look forward to the day when face-to-face events safely return. Until then, Jean and our team of marketing professionals are working to create virtual content and interactive engagements that support our clients’ marketing efforts.

TPG's Jean Howard Featured in Exhibitor Magazine

Jean Howard, TPG Director of Business Development

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