So happy to hear in our educational session at Infocomm that the digital signage industry is saying, “Don’t just head toward the newest shiny technology.” In other words,  like TPG has been saying for years,  always ask, “Why?” before considering what technology to use to reach your target audience. What ultimately do you want to have happen?  Do you want to differentiate the attendee’s experience in your booth from your competitors?  Create a personal journey through your information? Have an impact on their buying preference?    It is so refreshing to hear the dialogue at Infocomm focus on the marriage of IT and marketing, including social media. It’s always a blast to see what’s hot and new in the digital world, like huge gorgeous interactive LED walls and tiny Raspberry Pi devices (for $19.99); but even better to see marketing take a seat at the head of the technology table, right where it should be.