How do exhibitors solve the problem of gaps in their exhibit staff at trade shows? Exhibitors who attend multiple expos may not have company people available to travel to numerous cites many times a year. TPG has an expert array of trade show professionals that fill the staffing gap! (See Beyond Booth Babes)  As an example, here is how a well-trained TPG Brand Specialist can increase sales at trade shows, even though not a company employee. The following is a story from our trade show client Ford Commercial Vehicles.

The Situation

Carl Hein, Squad Officer for the Washtenaw Country Technical Rescue Team, believed he needed a hugely expensive, competitive brand truck with a diesel engine for his department needs. While at FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) in Indianapolis Carl worked with Peter, TPG truck expert extraordinaire. Working with a Ford proprietary software program, Peter showed Carl how he could do the job with a medium-duty Ford truck and save on purchasing cost and long-term cost of operating the vehicle. Carl, a civil servant, needed the new truck to haul the department’s rope rescue, vehicle stabilization equipment, and personal protective equipment. In addition the truck also had to tow a triple-axle 14,000 pound trailer with trench rescue and structural collapse equipment. Did Carl need the larger, more expensive, diesel truck from a Ford competitor? Nope! The 2015 Ford F-650 with the appropriate body was delivered to the Ann Arbor Fire Department in December 2014 and Carl said, “It’s doing everything we need it to do!”

The Upshot

Carl Hein is a happy camper. Because he bumped into TPG truck specialist Peter at FDIC in the Ford Commercial Vehicles booth, he saved a truck-load of money (sorry) and got just the right vehicle for his Fire Department. We’ve got the pictures to prove it!

The Moral of the Story

Ford is so impressed with our Brand Specialist, they use him at most of their trade shows throughout the year. His expert training makes him indistinguishable from a high-level Ford employee. In fact, Peter even trains Ford dealerships in how to use the proprietary software used to help Carl purchase his truck!

Brand Specialists and other contracted trade show professionals can boost the effectiveness of your own staff, increase qualified leads, and become the face of your brand at expos.


TPG Brand Specialist, Peter, talking trucks with customers.


C.C. Carr, TPG Lead Onsite Director